We are incredibly proud to be celebrating our 25th anniversary this weekend!

February 15th marks 25 years since the Stanley family took ownership of Warren Forest Park. Many of our customers have owned holiday homes for almost the length of time that we have resided here and we want to take the opportunity to thank you for continued loyalty and support. We look forward to many years to come here at Warren Forest.

Our newer customers may be surprised by the aerial view photographs displayed in the library of what the park looked like in 1995. The most noticeable differences being the touring caravans and tents in the area that is now our beautiful putting green.

We have made many changes and improvements over the years that are sympathetic to the regeneration of the woodland, expanding small areas at a time, allowing new species to establish and wildlife to flourish before moving work on.

This year, our latest project is the creation of a new library, reading room and community space for residents to enjoy. Overlooking the putting green, this light open space will become a haven of relaxation. The shell is well on the way to being complete in time for opening in March with plans to finish the interior in the closed season at the end of this year. This is to ensure peace and tranquility during our open season.

For regular updates on the work keep an eye on our social media pages on both Facebook and Instagram.