May has been the month of birdsong for us here at Warren Forest. We are all talking about something other than the weather for a change, we are much more preoccupied with identifying the sweet sound of the birdlife. Among the Blackbird, Robin, Blue Tit and Coal Tit, we have also recorded the Meadow Pit, Willow Warbler, Mistle Thrush, Meadow Pipit & Eurasian Siskin to name but a few! Unfortunately I still have no images to accompany the recordings but thanks to one of our holiday home-owners, we do have some images to share. We are all familiar with the hoot of the resident Tawny Owls and the tapping of the Woodpecker, but now we have some beautiful photographs to enjoy too.

The birdlife is important to us here. We encourage, support and maintain their presence by continually creating new “bug hotels”. These stacks of logs become a haven for insects, bugs and crawlies that the birds love to feast on.

If you would like to do a spot of twitching, we have received an incredibly kind donation of two sets of binoculars. You will find them in the library with bird watching guides to accompany you.

If you have any wildlife photographs to share please feel free to email them through.