The pure white snow made way for heavy rain. In turn,  the temperatures dropped and the mornings seem to greet us with the clearest of skies and the hardest of frosts. And so it seemed fitting on this cold & frosty Burns Day to share a little of his poetry reminiscent of our current weather;

‘Twas past ane o’clock in a cauld frosty morning,

When cankert November blaws over the plain,

I heard the kirk-bell repeat the loud warning,

As, restless, I sought for sweet slumber in vain:

Then up I arose, the silver moon shining bright;

Mountains and valleys appearing all hoary white;

Forth I would go, amid the pale, silent night,

And visit the Fair One, the cause of my pain.

-Robert Burns, Cauld Frosty Morning-

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If I could capture the stars to share at the moment I would. We are situated in the heart of the dark skies of Nidderdale AONB and they are some of the most beautiful and darkest in the country. Not many places are truly dark anymore and this is one of the things that makes our area such a special place. Being free from light pollution it is the perfect place for stargazing. for more information about dark skies events take a look at