We turn the page of the calendar onto the month of February. A short month where winter is most definitely still upon us, but there are more hopeful signs of springs arrival. The snowdrops gently bow their heads and the green shoots of the daffodils are now visible. Ours will flower later than most due to the variety we have planted. The variety was chosen so that when our holiday home owners return in March, it is to a “host of golden daffodils”!

The photographs this week have included long walks to Brimham Rocks and the Moor and the usual rambles through our woodlands here on the park. We have captured sunrises and sunsets, frosty blue skied days and yet more ice and snow. The snow had become a little more disruptive as the work increases that needs to be carried out outdoors, then yet another load fell, thickly covering the ground that was only interrupted by the prints of our resident wildlife. When eventually it did finally relent, the weather has given way to grey skies and persistent rain.

We hope you enjoy these images, please remember to keep a look out on Facebook and Instagram for weekly videos or photographs that capture the park and surrounding area.