It’s been a rainy week so far at Warren Forest, so grab your raincoat and have a walk down to the library, where we are sure you’ll find a book you will love!

When we extended the library we had some empty book shelves to fill, at the time we felt it would be a challenge! However, the generosity of our holiday home owners has been overwhelming. This season so far, we have received more books than ever before and all of them are in fantastic condition. We wanted to say a huge thank you to those people who have donated!

There is a vast selection of genres, ¬†murder mystery’s, romance, autobiographies and reference books to name but a few. In fact, if there is a title you fancy, you are more than likely to find it on the shelves.

In addition, there are stacks of magazines to flick through and a growing selection of jigsaw puzzles to choose from.

Many of our holiday home owners take advantage of the great wi-fi in the library where there is now more room to relax and catch up on e-mails or peruse a website on a tablet or phone or alternatively use the park PC.

So what if it’s raining? Put the kettle on and curl up with a great book!!