As the sunlight begins to soften and the harvest moon now wanes, we find ourselves moving gently into Autumn. The leaves are golden and scarlet hues, while the hedgerows are laden with blackberries, sloes and bilberries. The days are now a little shorter than the nights as we tip into the darker half of the year. There is a noticeable nip in the air as the mornings and evenings feel a little cooler.

The hedgehogs are now snuffling around the gardens for food, as other small mammals are busy storing nuts and berries in preparation for winter. The dawn chorus is later now, and the hoot of the night time owl a little earlier.

We still have many weeks left of the season to enjoy the beautifully altering landscape of Warren Forest and the surrounding areas. The final countryside show of the year takes place, The Nidderdale Show, on the newly appointed date of  Sunday 18th September.

It is with great sadness that we mark this month the passing of Her Majesty the Queen. On Monday 19th September, we will join with the rest of the nation in mourning the loss of a monarch that served for more than seventy years.