May-The month of the Hawthorn! There is so much to look forward to in the month of May. Two bank holidays of course; but also the rapid change in the landscape around us. A great froth of hawthorn blossoms will line the fields in the coming weeks, bluebells are carpeting the woodlands and the rhododendron buds will burst to bloom. Swifts will swoop and the dawn chorus is at it’s height as the blackbirds, robins, wrens, thrushes and finches defend their territories and call to attract a mate.

Take a walk in our woodlands here at Warren Forest to experience this for yourself. Self seeded saplings, birthed from tree’s we have planted over the years line the pathways. We have planted native trees to restore a woodland that previously would have been a crop. Ash, Beech, Hazel, Holly and Oak are among the many species that we have introduced back into the woodlands over the years to create a more authentic woodland. These trees are important to continue to attract the plant, bird and wildlife that helps the countryside to thrive. In addition, the log piles that we stack create the perfect habitats for bugs, which in turn feed the birds.

Next time you visit take a stroll through the woodlands and enjoy the changes that May brings with it! In the meantime below are some photographs taken on and around the park this week. For further pictures and videos please take at look at our social media pages.