May is such a beautiful month here at Warren Forest. It almost seems that in the space of a few days, the bare branches of the trees become laden with fresh, green leaves. Every path you follow, every view that you take, reveals a burst of blossom and colour or the promise of a burgeoning bud.

Hawthorn, known as the Mayflower,  fills the hedgerows and surrounding countryside with a white froth. Bluebells are in full swing, creating hazy blue carpets across our woodland floors. Bright , golden dandelions emerge from wilder cracks and daisies sprinkle across the lawns. The rhododendrons are at their finest, proudly framing the undulating landscape.

As we approach the Bank Holiday weekend, we hope you enjoy these photographs. Please keep an eye on our social media pages for additional videos and photographs. This week we captured a rather croaky cockerel! Enjoy.