We know that our holiday home owners thoroughly enjoy pausing on their deckings, looking out across the manicured lawns and gardens and watching the wildlife. It’s particularly relaxing to observe the comings and goings of the birds from nest and bird feeder.

While the beautifully maintained putting green and carefully positioned flower beds create a stunning setting, we take as much care and consideration of the natural areas of the Woodlands and more native, wild and untamed areas.

These are important areas for so many reasons, creating stunning walks through and around the grounds, they also support the ecosystem and help to encourage the wildlife that we enjoy so much.

The woodlands attract a wide array of widlife, bats, deer, squirrels, field mice and hedgehogs are among the many species we’ve seen. The forests also create a haven for the bird life. We are lucky to have many keen twitchers who have spotted many species including owls, wood peckers, house martins, jays, red kite, starlings, swallows, swifts and of course pheasants! The garden birds are a joy to watch too; blue tits, bullfinch, chaffinch, gold crest , gold finch, mistle thrush, nut hatch’s and robins adorn the the feeders.

This abundance of bird life is totally dependent on the insects that creates the ecosystem to support them. The tree’s, shrubbery and many log piles, all help to support the life of moths, butterflies, beetles, forest bugs, spiders, green fly, and other crustaceans that they feed upon.

This intricate network of wildlife that is supported by the wilder areas of the park, help to attract and support the wildlife and beautiful birds that give us so much pleasure. We like to ensure that these areas are as protected and maintained as the manicured areas. We can then encourage the growth of the wild flora of ferns, bluebells, foxgloves, buttercups, daisies, clover, and heather.

Here are some photographs of some of the wilder areas of the park as well as our beautiful gardens. Please enjoy.