It seems that the weather forecaster’s job is safe for now as my predictions for our Bank Holiday Weekend weather were way off the mark. Yes, there was a little rain, yes it was a little cooler but overall it was really quite lovely. It was fantastic to see people out and about, taking a walk and playing putting. In particular, it was wonderful that so many holiday home owners were enjoying a glass of wine in the evening with neighbors, the separate decking’s ensuring social distancing!! It is quite strange to think that August has been the first and last Bank Holiday shared here at Warren Forest in the year of 2020. We are delighted that so many of you were able to enjoy the time here.

September has crept upon us now and the air feels that little more autumn like. There are already some fallen leaves, the rose hips hang ripe and heavy and most of the blackberries have ripened and been devoured or picked. I’m looking forward to the different varieties of mushrooms that will spring up over the coming weeks and watching the turning of the leaves to reds & golds. It will all undoubtedly be photographed and documented on social media throughout the autumn.

Please enjoy the photos below that were taken over the Bank Holiday weekend. Most have been taken on and around the park. I never tire of the beauty of

our surrounding fields. Last weekend the grass was so green and lush, and the skies so vibrantly blue, they were irresistible. Combine this with a bright golden September Sun and a ripe harvest moon and it was certainly one to remember.