As we approach the Summer Solstice this weekend, celebrating the longest hours of daylight and the shortest night of the year we will have reached the mid-point of 2020.

It has been a unexpected season to say the very least. We have communicated regularly with our holiday home owners to share in our sadness and frustration that we have been unable to open our gates for so many weeks. Now there is some glimmer of hope on the horizon and we will be ready and waiting to welcome you all back as soon as we are allowed to.

In the mean time, please enjoy the photographs that we have taken around the park and on some adventures a little further afield. We know our customers love Nidderdale and all that it has to offer and enjoy thoroughly exploring the footpaths and walks that are on the doorstep here at Warren Forest. In addition, the park is a fantastic base to discover the wider dales from without having to drive too far. Below you will see photo’s taken at the stunning Trollers Gill in Wharfedale. Thank you to for the following information;

If such things are of interest then Peter Metcalfe’s ‘Place-Names of the Yorkshire Dales’ will offer the Norse translation of it’s namesake! The ravine is quite dry at the time of year but in winter offers spectacular waterfalls to attempt to climb and step through. There is much myth and folklore associated with the place….

“In addition to its association with trolls the ravine is also the legendary home of a barguest, a black spectral hound with large eyes that can turn people to stone. One website also claims Trollers Gill is home to boggarts, imps and pixies! Quite remarkably there is a fair amount of vegetation that can be found growing in the ravine. Particularly impressive are the trees, such as the rowan, which manage to cling to the precipitous limestone cliffs. Botanists can also keep an eye out for numerous flowers, the easiest of which to identify is the harebell.”

Please remember to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more photographs and videos each day. We look forward and hope to see you all very soon. In the meantime take care, from all at Warren Forest.