December may mark the beginning of meteorological Winter but for us here at Warren Forest it is a busy time for maintenance work to ensure the park is beautiful for your return in the Spring.

The golden days of Autumn are now behind us and the landscapes and gardens surrounding the park are all but bones with tufts clinging to the end of the branches. The Winter sunlight is weak and lemony-the days are short and cold but the nights are long and beautiful. The moon is at its highest and the stars shining at their brightest!

The weather that takes us through to Spring will vary from bitter and icy to relentless rain and fog. Regardless of the temperature, we will be tirelessly working to maintain the current standards of the park. It also gives us an opportunity to improve and add to facilities and the beauty of the park. Some of the work will never be seen by our Holiday Home owners, the behind the scenes stuff such as ugrading and re-routing the water system. If you’ve been wondering what has been happening at the pump room on the park there are some pics below to satisfy your curiosity!

Our closed season is also a time when we have more opportunity as a family to explore stunning Nidderdale. Last week we took a walk from Coldstones Cut  around the old Lead Mines at Ashfoldside Beck, taking in some of the Nidderdale Way and making our way to Stump Cross Caverns for an exceptional lunch! For those of you that love walking this is a spectacular route. I have added some photographs to give you a flavour. To find out more take a look at

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