Will it or won’t it rain, how many people can we accommodate in the library? Just two of the questions that we were asking ourselves on Saturday morning. In true British style I am delighted that our wonderful holiday home owners didn’t let a spot of drizzle get in the way of the celebrations!

Deckchairs, tables (laden with vintage linen!), picnic baskets and rather large quantities of wine accompanied you all onto the Putting Green to begin the festivities. The great news was that the Hog Roast was a hit! Another huge thank you to Appletons Butchers of Ripon who did an amazing job. The weather held and it even warmed up as the day went on and everyone seemed to have a lovely, relaxed afternoon.

We would like to thank the ladies who helped with the salad preparation, you did a super job again! And a thank you to our resident photographer who has taken some really super photographs again this year. You will find them in the album in the library.

There are many more pics on our Facebook page if you fancy browsing and “liking” them.

So once again thank you for helping to make this annual summer event so memorable. There are some questionnaires in the library too if you would like to give feedback on the Hog Roast. Roll on July 2018!