August has arrived and is stretching out in front of us with the promise of long, relaxing, sun shiny days. Farmers are working way into the night combining and cutting, and the bales are stacking up in the surrounding fields.

The Almanac captures the essence of this month beautifully;

“…the produce of the vegetable patch, the cut flower garden and the hedgerows are beginning to ripen….there is a subtle sense of summer waning. The colours are turning slowly away from green towards golden, and in hot weather the grasses start to look parched and tired. A switch has been thrown; growth is no longer the goal, it is all about ripening now…..”

My favourite part of the day is early morning when the low sun streams through the trees. The gaps in the woodlands give a glimpse of the fields beyond. There is a dewy freshness to the morning and a promise to the warm days ahead. The peace and tranquility of the pond on the putting green is so soothing. Take a look at our social media pages for videos that capture the bird song and the elegance of the fish in the pond.

More than ever, we are appreciating the beautiful landscape, connection to nature and peace and quiet of the park. Enjoy these few photographs;