The British people are renowned worldwide for our love of talking about the weather, it is my favorite topic of conversation at the moment!  We are either disappointed with a Summer that wasn’t warm enough or a Christmas that didn’t snow! There is something about Autumn that no matter what the weather is “doing”, it manages to be just right.

The cold crisp days, when the sky is periwinkle blue and the sun hanging a little lower in the sky burns as fiercely as high summer. The wet days, when wellington boots and a sturdy raincoat are definitely required to face the outdoors. My favourite days are the in between kind, when the sky is muted with cloud, there’s a chill enough to warrant a thick jumper and a threat of rain requires a hood. It is on these days the colours seem to pop.

This time of year, particularly walking through our woodlands there is a riot for the senses. The crunch and rustle of the fallen leaves, the birds are as vocal as ever, especially our resident pheasants! The berries on the holly trees and bushes in Jeffrey Wood and The Oaks are lipstick red, the trees all displaying their personal shades of oranges, plums and purples and all colours in between. In amongst this is the earthy scent of autumn that conjures thoughts of bonfires and traditional Yorkshire parkin.

With this in mind please enjoy the photographs below from walks around the park and the local area. Nidderdale is such a spectacular place to be, you do not have to walk or travel far to find a beautiful river, walk or newly discovered footpath. Enjoy….