Here at Warren Forest, there is a natural loop around the holiday park that we use to show perspective Holiday Homeowners around. The following is a simple step by step guide to pick up our short woodland walks to add into the usual tour, which begins at the reception car park and ends at the library, taking in each woodland;

  • From the small pond at the reception car park make your way up the road, Badger Hill to your right, The Dene to your left.
  • Through the Larches taking whichever tarmac road you prefer around the loop (one slightly steeper than the other) continuing into the woodlands.
  • Make your way past the “top pond” which will be to your left and drop down the hill into Bilberry Wood
  • At the bottom follow the path to your left towards the large rock, adjacent you will see the wooden bridge down the hill towards a rock ravine.
  • Follow the wooden handrail, which stops halfway down. At this point you can turn right to walk through Bilberry Wood where there are some beautiful rocks. This path runs out eventually and you will need to turn back on yourself and come back to the handrail.
  • Once back at the handrail continue over the bridge. The bridge was built to allow access through this ravine. These rocks are spectacular.
  • Up the wooden steps bearing left you will see a small cave to your left, you can walk around or through it. Can you find the name & date carved into the stone ledge?
  • Continuing left out of the cave and follow the path up into Pheasant Wood, you will come out near a gas lamp.
  • Turn right for a few steps and look for the sign that takes you into The Oaks.
  • Walk down into The Oaks and near the parking nib you will see another sign for The Oaks. Here you may access the woodland through the silver birch.
  • Follow the natural path through this wood until you come out onto the small road that cuts through the caravan park through a gap in the dry stone wall.
  • Turn left up the road and right towards the putting green on the side of the road where the Laundry & Telephone box are.
  • Here is a great place to stop at the bench overlooking the pond and putting green, with a view towards the stag and the library.
  • Continue on the road towards Jeffrey Wood. When the tarmac runs out there are two entry points to Jeffrey Wood, you may take either. This is a circular walk around the wood with a bench mid-way and an extra path through the middle.
  • Jeffrey Wood also features beautiful rock formations and depending on the season bluebells, foxgloves and rhododendrons reside amid the indigenous trees.
  • Coming out of Jeffrey wood stick to the road on the right hand side and this will take you directly to the library.

We hope you enjoy!