Glance through your diary at the month of February and you’ll see it littered with special days.

Imbolc on the second day of the month historically marked the beginning of the lambing season, a time when the snow drops are now visible, the days are lengthening and there seems a little more strength to the sun when it shines. We mustn’t get carried away thinking that Spring is on it’s way as we well know from the weather that we have seen so far this February! It is also the time of Candlemas, Chinese New Year and for all you romantics of course it is St Valentines Day!

Here at Warren Forest February is a hive of activity and the pace quickens to anticipate re-opening. The building that housed the clock has been removed and the services such as Electricity and Water have been re-housed. The area has been tidied up and as the planting grows and flourishes, the gap will be less visible. We have carried this heavy groundwork out during our closed period to ensure there is no disruption to your stay when you are relaxing here at your holiday home.

In addition, we are expecting three new caravans to be delivered before we re-open. I will keep social media updated with any photographs and post updates on here accordingly. We will be siting one of our favourite Willerby models, the Sheraton and we are excited to have ordered two new models to the Park. The Atlas Debonair and the ABI Ambleside. We shall reveal more about them when they arrive over the coming weeks.

If you haven’t got access to Instagram and Facebook, here are some of the photographs that I have posted over the last few days. I hope you enjoy them.