It has been wonderful to see so many of our holiday home owners back on site at Warren Forest. Many of you have been back out on those favorite and familiar walks through our woods, and further afield.

For those new residents who don’t know the area as well, here is a brief guide to the route that I most often walk. It is approximately 5 miles and takes in a little of the Nidderdale Way and the Moorland at Brimham Rocks.

  • At Warsill Village Hall turn right walking over a cattle grid with a stream on your right (these are Summer Woods)
  • continue up the long fairly steep hill.
  • At the top of the hill you can turn left and you will be on the Nidderdale Way-if you continue this route take a look at the photographs below for further instructions to create a loop.
  • Alternatively, you can turn right and walk across the Moor directly to Brimham Rocks. From here you cross the road and walk through the Rocks and come back the same way or you can follow the footpath around the back of the rocks and eventually make your way back on the road to the Park.

The photographs take you back to the top of the track that will lead you back to Warsill Village Hall where you come back the way you went!

If you take a look at the following link you will see many local routes, but I would recommend a map and a little exploration! Enjoy