January has so far proved to be a month of beautiful and quite dramatic weather. Talking about the weather is something British people seem to have an obsession with, but when you are as close to the elements as we are at Warren Forest, we are always a little in awe and at the mercy of the climate!! Just as the first signs of our daffodils were daring to peep above the ground, we saw a heavy snowfall that blanketed Nidderdale.

If you have been following us on Facebook you will have seen some of the picturesque photographs of the Park. While the landscape and surrounding areas look stunning it does mean than access to the site has been limited. Thank you to those people who may have been tempted to visit and take a walk in the snow but heeded the weather warnings and remained on “gritted roads!!”.

This week see’s a big thaw and milder conditions that means we can get on with the business of path making, planting and generally preparing for the return of our lovely Holiday Home Owners. In addition to the new footpaths, Peter and Ian have been hard at work planting a Thorn hedge that will shield and protect some of the saplings and help further growth in the Woodland.

Indoors, we have been sorting through all of the amazing jigsaws that have been donated to the Library. We have weeded out any with an irritating piece missing and we hope you enjoy the new additions. We are also going to add further board games, cards and dominoes. We hope these will be perfect for wet afternoons curled up in your holiday home with a cup of tea!

In the mean time take a look at Warren Forest in the snow in the photographs below and enjoy how tranquil it looks.